The world is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Is your business fully prepared?

Written by Jonathan Ross
30 Aug 2022

In today’s uncertain world, are you truly prepared for what is coming next?

This is a particularly daunting time for agency owners to manage and grow their marketing communications firms. Even though the past few years have been highly profitable for many agencies, that could change almost overnight.

We’re entering a third year of dealing with the challenges of a pandemic including the logistics of remote/hybrid working while maintaining your team’s quality of work, productivity, and morale.

The war for talent continues relentlessly which makes it harder to attract and keep the best people while increasing pressure on the bottom line. The fluid job market is also affecting all employers (and isn’t going away any time soon).

And if that’s not enough, we’re now facing rising inflation rates, a possible downward trend in the stock market, rising oil and energy prices, the global instability created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a winter of discontent.

In truth, no one really knows what’s coming next. Or when. (Up to and including the next recession.) However, agency owners can still prepare for whatever that might be.

Tough challenges also create opportunities

 At Fallow Associates, we believe that smart, proactive agencies can capitalise on challenging times instead of simply trying to “ride it out” or, worse yet, being victimised by it.

We have the team, experience, and processes to help you not only navigate through today’s difficulties and whatever is coming next but to emerge even stronger on the other side.

In truth, no one really knows what’s coming next. Or when. However, agency owners can still prepare for whatever that might be.

How to become more competitive no matter what’s happening

 Here are four very important steps that you should consider taking today:

  • Start running your agency for maximum profitability. Driving higher profits now will help you keep talent, avoid losses, and maintain (or even increase) capabilities when tougher times arrive.
  • Sharpen your strategic differentiation vs. your competitors. Why should a prospective client choose you? Make this crystal clear in your website, presentations, and all outbound messaging. Give the right prospects compelling reasons to come to you.
  • Aggressively use your built-in advantages vs. global agencies in being much faster and more efficient, offering better pricing, reinforcing category knowledge, and executing clients’ programs flawlessly. Unlike them, you can make a strong profit while devoting top people to the client’s account. Communicate this effectively. Large clients will love to hear it. All clients will.
  • Work even harder to get to know every person in your agency. By making it very personal, you’ll create a motivating (and empathetic) sense of united purpose and a shared mission.

Fallow Associates can offer insight and guidance into the following areas which will make a significant difference for your agency:

  1. Why your agency’s culture is the key to fighting back against a fluid job market
  2. How to become a future proof agency and consistently outperform your competitors.
  3. The war for talent and what to do about it.
  4. How strategic planning will grow your agency’s revenue, profits, and market value.
  5. Important new business strategies.

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